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Eight (8) Week Accelerator Program

Fire Up Your Cybersecurity Career and Secure the Bag!!

Want to learn the best way to excel in cybersecurity but don’t know where or how to get started? 

Sign up for my exclusive Gateway to Cybersecurity Accelerator program today to learn:

✓ Which certifications and credentials to pursue and obtain

✓ How to use proven tools and tactics to become more marketable

✓ How to identify what hiring managers are seeking and how to present your best self

✓ How to negotiate and speak up about pay equality

✓ How to set yourself apart from your competition

✓ How to properly prepare for interviews and impress the audience

What’s Included in This Accelerator Program?

✓ Work on real-world cybersecurity case studies and hands-on exercises to gain experience

✓ Access to three (3) group video sessions with an industry expert (a member of my team)

✓ Private group support for networking and accountability 

✓ Proven tools and tips to excel in cybersecurity

✓ CompTIA Security+ Workbook

✓ ITPro TV Video Access

Who is Courtney H. Jackson?

I am a Cybersecurity Maven and Success Strategist! 

I have 20+ years of experience in IT and cybersecurity with a proven track record of success.

I literally worked my way up from a helpdesk technician to a C-Suite Executive CISO (the only female executive in the company) before pursuing my own cybersecurity business full-time.

I served my country in the United States Navy and married a Retired Marine (don’t judge me, lol). As a mom and wife, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to balance personal responsibilities with a challenging career. While it is difficult, it is doable if you are willing to put in the work. I am living proof as I do this each and every day. You will never hear me say that I am perfect but I give 110% to everything that I do and to everyone that I work with.

What Has Courtney H. Jackson Accomplished?

✓ Nearly one dozen IT security certifications (CISSP, CISM, CEH, CHFI to name a few) 

✓ Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance (MSISA) 

✓ Appointment to the University of South Florida (USF) Cybersecurity Executive Advisory Board 

✓ Appointment to the ISACA CMC Board of Directors as the Membership Chair

✓ Appointment to the Women in Defense (WIID) Tampa Leadership Team

✓ Selected as a Fellow for the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) 

✓ Selected to be a SANS Institute speaker for the 2020 Cyber Camp

✓ Published as a Top CISO Expert (Digital Guardian, Rasmussen)

✓ Achieved CISO status in Corporate America before becoming a full-time entrepreneur

While higher education is great, there is a gap between obtaining a degree and landing a cybersecurity job. Employers want someone experienced yet they do not want to give people an initial chance to get their foot in the door. So what do you do?

Rather than taking decades to get to where I am today, I created an exclusive eight (8) week accelerator program to provide you with the information, tools, and tips to fire up your cybersecurity career. You will partake in real world scenarios so you can obtain the hands on experience required to land your first cybersecurity job or go to the next level in your current role.

If you commit to doing the work, you will excel and see a return on investment!

Earning a degree in cybersecurity does not guarantee you a job.

There is no substitute for hands-on, practical experience coupled with a strategic action plan.”  

– Courtney H. Jackson

Why Should You Apply For This Program?

I want to be upfront in saying that this program is not for the following people:

Anyone that lacks initiative.

Anyone that expects overnight results.

Anyone that is not willing to put in the necessary work.


If any of the following statements apply to you, then this accelerator program is a GREAT fit for you:

✓ You are interested in a cybersecurity career but not sure where to start (no prior experience).

✓ You feel stuck in your current role and you don’t have a strategic plan to advance.

✓ You know how lucrative the cybersecurity field is and you want to position yourself to be more marketable and appealing to potential employers.

✓ You completed a cybersecurity degree program but you’re having trouble landing your first job in the field.

If any of the above hit home for you, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps to level up your cybersecurity career now:

✓ Purchase my high value accelerator program!

✓ Get to work and join the bi-monthly sessions!

✓ Launch and accelerate your Cyber Boss career!

These uncertain times have taught us more than ever that things can change in an instant. 

Why not position yourself for job security in a recession proof field?

If you don’t invest in yourself, neither will potential employers.

Class is starting soon!

Apply for my Gateway to Cybersecurity™️ Accelerator Program today!

**$3999 VALUE**



Three (3) group video calls with an industry expert (a member of my team)

Access to private ‘Cyber Boss’ community

Hands-on real world cybersecurity exercises to gain experience

Conduct vulnerability scanning & reporting

CompTIA Security+ Workbook

ITPro TV Certification Videos

Certificate of Completion